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Why to choose Jelpperi?

Thanks to our clients.
Hope we can also serve you in the future!

During the years of service, we have made over 2,000 jobs.

We have visited homes of different sizes and places around the metropolitan area.
Every home and customer has been unique. Even small installations are our everyday business.

We also want to visit your home for installation work!

We offer you:

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Have any errors ever occurred at work?

No, big problem has ever been happenign and hopefully will not.
However, in this work, minor errors occur every now and then.

Mistakes have been mostly minor flaws that could be fixed easily. Two to three times wall have been drilled throw, those have been repaired easily. Kitchen installations and large projects have been challenging sometimes.

Jelpperi has IF-nsurance.
We don´t do works, which is too difficulty or if we do not have enough skills.

Have you received bad feedback or complaints?

Fortunately, rarely. You can not completely avoid them. Unfortunately, these have been associated with delays, which occur almost daily due to difficult traffic jams, the length of work and the predictability of distances. When installing, sometimes the clamps are disconnected and have been repaired. There have been two or three overlays of works over the years.

Complaints Jelpperi always takes seriously.

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